October project

Hello everyone, here’s this month’s project, it will be presented from Monday October 14 to Friday 18

On a recycled sheet of paper:

– Create a flyer for a festival

– Name of the festival

– What type of festival (music, food, etc)

– Where is is located (address and date)

– Description of what artists will perform, what type of food will be served, etc.


Happy Friday! so these are the activities for 1A to study for the exam, have a nice weekend!


Choose the correct option.

1   There are some / any posters of my favorite band in my bedroom.

2   There is / an alarm clock on my nightstand.

3   There aren’t some / any books on the desk.

4   There is / an computer room in my school.

5   There isn’t / any balcony in my house.

Write the words in the correct order. 

1   eat / usually / We / dinner / 6:00 p.m. / at .


2   get / I / never / up / early / weekend / on / the .


3   always / Carla / homework / her / does / school / after .


4   goes / Simon / to / movies / the / sometimes .


5   play / The / soccer / girls / often / school / at .


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

chat   Do   go   play   sing   watch

1   Molly _____ in a choir. (ü)

2   Pedro and William _____ basketball on Tuesday. (û)

3   We like _____ TV in the morning. (ü)

4   Luis _____ online to his friends. (û)

5   _____ they _____ shopping on Saturday?

Choose the correct option. 

1   Jenna always washes her hands before she cooks. She washes them / they.

2   I often clean my room. I clean me / it.

3   My mom often makes breakfast for my sister and me. She makes breakfast for you / us.

4   They are crazy about Matt. They love him / her.

5   We usually go to the beach with Samantha.
We usually go with she / her.

 Complete the text with the correct option. 

Hi. My name (1) ______ Julia and I work at an animal rescue center in Santiago. I start my day (2) ______ 7:00 a.m. I wear (3) ______ on my feet because I go (4) ______ with my dogs. We run really fast. I’m crazy about dogs! I (5) ______ four! I never (6) ______ breakfast at home – I usually have it at my favorite cafe. Then I go to work. I work with animals. I love (7) ______ with them. We rescue lots of different animals; there are dogs, cats, rabbits, and (8) ______ a monkey! I feed the animals in the morning at 8:00. Then I (9) ______ a walk with some of the dogs. In the afternoon, I (10) ______ their bedrooms – well, their homes! Once a week, the animals take a shower. Some of them hate it!

1   a are   b is   c have   d be

2   a at   b on   c in   d under

3   a belt   b goggles   c sneakers   d stick

4   a swimming   b running   c ice skating   d hiking

5   a has   b hasn’t   c have   d haven’t

6   a watch   b do   c go   d make

7   a work   b working   c works   d go to work

8   a there is   b there are   c there   d their

9   a go to   b goes   c go   d go for

10 a brush   b go   c watch   d clean


MyOn reading platform

Por medio del presente mensaje se les informa de la nueva plataforma de lectura que los alumnos utilizarán durante este año escolar en la materia de inglés. La licencia es para el uso de la plataforma que se deberá comprar en la Librería México al momento de comprar los libros de inglés.

El porcentaje en la evaluación de los alumnos es del 25% para reforzar la compresión lectora en cada uno de los alumnos.

Si tienen alguna duda favor de comunicarse con el coordinador de Inglés en el colegio.

Por su atención gracias