Advanced 3 reading

Student that do not have the MyOn user name.

Go to ¨¨, look for the reading and comprehension section and choose 3 articles from that section. You must choose articles from grades 10-12; print out the exercises and turn them in on Thursday.

If you have any questions, please look for me on Monday.



October project

Due date is Monday, October 14th, 2019

Intermediate 2 and advanced 1 groups


Topics: horror, comedy, science fiction, action or dramatic.


In two pieces of paper pastes togetherstudents will draw or paste cut-outs from a magazine to create a comic strip.

The comic strips must be of a t least 8 blocks that tell the story they create.


Students must use the simple past, past continuous and adverbs of degree in their dialogue ( at least three of each)

Tittle must be on the left top side of the paper, presentation, neatness and creativity will be taken into account. The most important is originality.




MyOn reading platform

Por medio del presente mensaje se les informa de la nueva plataforma de lectura que los alumnos utilizarán durante este año escolar en la materia de inglés. La licencia es para el uso de la plataforma que se deberá comprar en la Librería México al momento de comprar los libros de inglés.

El porcentaje en la evaluación de los alumnos es del 25% para reforzar la compresión lectora en cada uno de los alumnos.

Si tienen alguna duda favor de comunicarse con el coordinador de Inglés en el colegio.

Por su atención gracias