March 27 Inter 2 and adv 1 activity

Let us start with Unit 8.

In page 97 of the student book there is a chinese zodiac.

Read the characteristics of each sign; look for information on the chinese zodiac and write an 8 line paragraph about it.

What do you think about the characteristics of each sign?

Using your family members animal.

Are the characteristics right?

For example:

I am a dragon; it says that I am powerful and energetic and at the same time can be unpredictable. Do you think it is true?

Do that with each family member.

Answer page 64 of the student book.

Inter 2, adv 1 and adv 3 activity for March 26, 2020

I want to do something different today. No more grammar or listening for this week!!!!

What I am going to ask from you is a  drawing or pasting collage of: How you are copping with STAYING AT HOME.

In your notebook draw or paste cut outs of your experience this week of staying home, and of course write an 8-10 line paragraph describing your work.

This is my experience:


We need to take this seriously, there are some people who are really going crazy; just this morning I was talking to the coffee maker and the stove and they agreed with me, but then the broom that was tired and refrigerator which was full started to argue with me and we all got into a big discussion

Hope you are having fun!!!!!