Happy Friday! so these are the activities for 1A to study for the exam, have a nice weekend!


Choose the correct option.

1   There are some / any posters of my favorite band in my bedroom.

2   There is / an alarm clock on my nightstand.

3   There aren’t some / any books on the desk.

4   There is / an computer room in my school.

5   There isn’t / any balcony in my house.

Write the words in the correct order. 

1   eat / usually / We / dinner / 6:00 p.m. / at .


2   get / I / never / up / early / weekend / on / the .


3   always / Carla / homework / her / does / school / after .


4   goes / Simon / to / movies / the / sometimes .


5   play / The / soccer / girls / often / school / at .


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

chat   Do   go   play   sing   watch

1   Molly _____ in a choir. (ü)

2   Pedro and William _____ basketball on Tuesday. (û)

3   We like _____ TV in the morning. (ü)

4   Luis _____ online to his friends. (û)

5   _____ they _____ shopping on Saturday?

Choose the correct option. 

1   Jenna always washes her hands before she cooks. She washes them / they.

2   I often clean my room. I clean me / it.

3   My mom often makes breakfast for my sister and me. She makes breakfast for you / us.

4   They are crazy about Matt. They love him / her.

5   We usually go to the beach with Samantha.
We usually go with she / her.

 Complete the text with the correct option. 

Hi. My name (1) ______ Julia and I work at an animal rescue center in Santiago. I start my day (2) ______ 7:00 a.m. I wear (3) ______ on my feet because I go (4) ______ with my dogs. We run really fast. I’m crazy about dogs! I (5) ______ four! I never (6) ______ breakfast at home – I usually have it at my favorite cafe. Then I go to work. I work with animals. I love (7) ______ with them. We rescue lots of different animals; there are dogs, cats, rabbits, and (8) ______ a monkey! I feed the animals in the morning at 8:00. Then I (9) ______ a walk with some of the dogs. In the afternoon, I (10) ______ their bedrooms – well, their homes! Once a week, the animals take a shower. Some of them hate it!

1   a are   b is   c have   d be

2   a at   b on   c in   d under

3   a belt   b goggles   c sneakers   d stick

4   a swimming   b running   c ice skating   d hiking

5   a has   b hasn’t   c have   d haven’t

6   a watch   b do   c go   d make

7   a work   b working   c works   d go to work

8   a there is   b there are   c there   d their

9   a go to   b goes   c go   d go for

10 a brush   b go   c watch   d clean


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